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After a long 1.5 year long hiatus, global pandemic, and a new weekly drop date (Mondays), TMP’s co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, AND have finally launched on YouTube! #Subscribe to our channel — The Millenni-HER Podcast

This week’s episode unpacks a whole lotta ish, but most importantly events surrounding Black individuals and whether ALL #BlackLivesMatter. 

We will be discussing all things:

  • How to end racism? 
  • Why the world doesn’t protect Black people. 
  • Should gender roles take a backseat to racial matters when it comes to oppression?
  • Eliminating the “All” from #BlackLivesMatter movement…
  • How to protect yourself while protesting during pandemic. 

#HotTopics, Highlighting #BlackBusiness of the week & more. 




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