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Servicing millennial entrepreneurs ways to level-up in a holistic way, courtesy of 2 Black females.

What People Are Saying

“I love your podcast. Life as a millennial is different from how our parents came up. I think about this stuff all the time.”


— Amira, Project Manager, Glass Roots


“Listened to your mental health episode and loved it. I’ve been considering counseling and it was a great perspective.”

— Sadayah, K-12 Teaching Professional

“It keeps me and others wanting to listen and have our own opinions. It actually makes me want to talk more about the topics. That’s what makes a strong episode and overall podcast.”

— Kaina, K-12 Teaching Professional

The Millenni-HER Podcast

Two black female millennials who discuss various issues that those a like face in regards to entertainment business and political industries on a daily basis. Topics include pop culture, social justice, mental health, motherhood and most things that have gone over our generation’s head because we’re so consumed with social media and the shade room. Our podcast captures the true essence of the 90’s nostalgic era having you feeling like no other medium can compare. 

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