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This week TMP is being joined by some testosterone – No Refund$ Podcast! 2 men of color who tell it like IT IS!

We have another JERSEY-bred podcast here to MAN-splain (explain) and break-down relationships for millennials. 

Similar to our SZN 1: Ep. 7 (Phish In The Sea ft. Nigerian Mitch) episode, we are continuing the conversation and will talk about:

  • Fantasia’s perspective on ‘submission’ in relationships, biblical meaning of ‘submission,’ whether submitting outside of marital relationships are healthy & more.
  • The social media infamous “Spousal Prayer” and its pioneers being celebs like Ciara, Cassie and more. Breaking down how your prayer should sound and if it’s the REAL DEAL or just social media hoax. 
  • Keys to a successful relationship.
  • How social media dictates the dynamics of a relationship & signs to avoid. 
  • Should you seek couples counseling/therapy for the sake of salvaging your marriage/relationship? When is it time to seek help or call quits?
  • Determining the love language within your relationship and languages for single/bachelors and how to navigate through it. 


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